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ADO Recordset Object
The ADO Recordset object is used to hold a set of records from a database table. . Index, Sets or returns the name of the current index for a Recordset object .

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adodb add unique index recordset


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The Facts on adodb add unique index recordset

DevGuru ADO RecordSet Object
The ADO Recordset object is used to contain the set of data extracted from a . Sets or returns a variant value that uniquely defines the position of a record in a recordset. . Sets or returns a string value that is the name of the index in effect. . After each name, you can optionally add a blank space and the keywords ASC or .

ACG Soft's Access Query & Recordset Tips
How to create an Auto Number For Each Row Of A Query . How to open a parameterized stored procedure as a Record Set using ADO . as a source must contain a unique index and this field must be included in your auto number query .

How to Optimize Queries and Recordsets - Microsoft Access / VBA
Apr 7, 2007 . Use Primary Keys instead of Unique Indexes wherever possible. . When you create an ADO Recordset retrieving Jet data, do not specify .

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Causes of adodb add unique index recordset

Knowlege Base | ODBC Slow Using VB / ADO Recordset Object ...
Apr 13, 2004 . The application uses an ADO Recordset object to add one record to the . particularly the primary key or unique index columns for the row so .

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Recordset by George Hernandez
Apr 29, 2008 . The ADO Recordset object: basic usage and listing of properties, methods, and events. . in a Recordset; Add Row to a Recordset; Persist Data in a Recordset . to the one or more columns that form the index of a recordset.

Microsoft Access tips: DAO Programming Code Examples
If you are more familiar with ADO or DDL, this comparison of field names may . CreateIndexesDAO(), Create primary key, foreign key, and unique indexes; . DAORecordsetExample(), How to open a recordset and loop through the records.

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Symptoms and Complications of adodb add unique index recordset

Microsoft Access tips: ADO Programming Code Examples
VBA code using the ADO library in Microsoft Access. . Index of Functions, Description. ShowSchema(), List the tables . a recordset. CreateViewAdo(), Create a new query . rs As ADODB.Recordset Dim i As Integer Set cn = CurrentProject.

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Optimizing Microsoft Office Access Applications Linked to SQL Server
Managed Data Access Inside SQL Server with ADO. . However, the dynamic nature of these recordsets can also reduce traffic by immediately retrieving only those . CREATE UNIQUE INDEX LinkCategoryID ON Categories (CategoryID); .

Using DAO (Data Access Objects) Code | Visual Basic 6 (VB6)
5 days ago . Note that in the screen-shot of the table design for DeptMast, DeptNbr was set up as the primary key, and that a non-unique index was .

Choosing between DAO and ADO - Access wiki - Access Help and ...
Jan 21, 2012 . On the other hand, ADP implicitly uses ADO recordsets. . obtains the keys or unique indexes needed to scroll the recordset is certainly much cheaper . A powerful feature of ADO is the ability to create Recordsets and then .

ASP/VBS, ADO and DBF file database connection.
Open DBF connection, create table, insert records, get recordset. . An index created with the UNIQUE option in the INDEX command allows duplicate index .

ADO recordsets vs unbound forms with select and update queries ...
So, I am reading a bit here and there, and the whole recordset thing is . PRIMARY key and create a unique index for the other elements.

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Download - ActiveState Code
ADODB = Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects reference ADOX = Microsoft ADO Ext Great . to connection (recordset automatically closes self already) v1.0.1 - added . index type (UNIQUE or not), primary or not, and index fields - a tuple of index .

Recordset Tricks in Excel 1 Filling a ComboBox with Unique ...
Nov 29, 2010 . I want to create a ComboBox that contains a unique list of Markets based on what is in my table. . Read this if you're new to ADO Recordsets .